Queer Officer 1

Eunika Burger

Queer Officer


Studying: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Hi there!

My name is Eunika Burger and I am one of the queer officers for 2022.

I’m currently a third year occupational therapy student. I’m very much a people person and nothing brings me more joy than helping to create safe spaces in which people feel free to be vulnerable and express themselves fully. This year I’m really excited to help students form fulfilling friendships and connections on campus, with the goal being to provide a fun, accepting and inclusive environment for all.

I like to connect with others through art, dance, yummy food, and an appreciation for mother nature. These are all things I’d like to see more of at Monash Peninsula, so keep an eye out for some fresh and funky events in 2022!

Eunika Burger

Queer Officer 2022

E: queer@monsupeninsula.org.au


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