Queer Officer

Kary Yan Tung Ho

Queer Officer


Studying: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Hi, I am Kary (she/her), your new Queer Officer for 2023. I am a year two student of occupational therapy. I am so excited to see you all around campus at our events!

As a part of the queer community, I understand some of the unique challenges and experiences that our queer students may face, especially on campus. Hopefully, we can create a safe space for students to make everyone feel safe, supported, and empowered on the Peninsula campus, regardless of sexuality.

I am committed to advocating for the needs and interests of the LGBTQ+ community within the campus by promoting and providing resources and support for students who may be struggling. We would love to see every one creating happy and unforgettable memories on campus.

I am a cat lover and a big fan of Mario Kart on Switch. Feel free to say hi if you see me on campus. Also, reach out to me if you are facing any difficulties, I am more than happy to provide support if I can.


Kary Yan Tung Ho

Queer Officer 2023

E: queer@monsupeninsula.org.au


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