People of Monash Peninsula

We've concocted a fun new way to meet people on campus when we can't meet other people on campus!

People of Monash Peninsula is your 5 minutes of fame & an opportunity to see 'Who's Who in the Zoo' & learn a little bit about YOU!

Find us on Instagram @peopleofmonashpeninsula.


How to get featured?

STEP 1: Follow @peopleofmonashpeninsula

STEP 2: Slide into our DM's with 1 - 5 photos of you, you & your pets, you & your homies, you baking, you creating.....

STEP 3: Tell us a little bit about yourself, including the below essential items.






Here's some inspiration......."Hey there everybody! I'm Peninsula Pineapple majoring in menace & turning heads everywhere I go. I love to cook & I love to eat. I feel very passionately that pineapple DOES NOT belong on pizza! When I was younger, I thought that all dogs were male & all cats were female. I am looking forward to meeting some new people so hit me up @monsupeninsula"

*Short & snappy wins the race!