Queer Officer 2

Riley Stewart

Queer Officer


Studying: Bachelor of Nursing

Hi there!

My name is Riley. I am a passionate and energetic young person who is striving for a vibrant and queer Peninsula Campus in 2022! I am studying my Bachelor of Nursing as a second year and hope to travel Australia helping people when I graduate.

I am so looking forward to reigniting the queer culture at Peninsula so that everyone feels safe, connected, enthusiastic and engaged in Uni life! I think that is the most important aspect of being here at Uni; to have fun and be engaged and involved in everything you can, regardless of background, sexuality, orientation and culture.

Along with Eunika, my goals for 2022 include creating an exuberant environment at our campus. We will hold exciting events that everyone will be able to enjoy. I am so looking forward to getting into my role and being a role model for other queer people!


Riley Stewart

Queer Officer 2022

E: queer@monsupeninsula.org.au


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