What is a Club?
There are three types of clubs on the Peninsula Campus: Registered Clubs, Affiliated Clubs and Incorporated Clubs. All academic, cultural, special interest and spiritual clubs must begin their lives as Registered Clubs. This is a trial period of sorts that helps the club to develop and grow without the hassle of lots of paperwork. After the Registered Club has been in existence for 12 months and have over 30 members, they will automatically become an Affiliated Club.

Please note that all sporting clubs are affiliated with Team Monash/PREP and not MONSU Peninsula. For more information on sporting clubs, please contact Michael Jones at Michael.Jones@monash.edu.

Applying to become a Registered Club

Need More Info?
For further information on MONSU Peninsula Registered Clubs, Affiliated Clubs, Incorporated Clubs and Guest Clubs, please contact MONSU Peninsula at hello@monsupeninsula.org.au.

Keen to get started? Email us with the following details:

  • Main Purpose of Club
  • Long Term Goals of Club
  • Target Demographic
  • Planned Events
  • Will the club have any affiliations? (e.g. sponsors, other clubs/societies, national body or company?)

Thanks for your interest in contributing to the Peninsula campus community. We appreciate and encourage students getting involved in campus life and we think that your involvement will help you develop important skills in planning, organising, communication and leadership.

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