Volunteering is an amazing way for students to become involved in campus life.

It gives students the opportunity to reach out and participate in the Monash Peninsula community, as well as the local Peninsula and Frankston community. Offering students with the opportunity to further develop work skills that are unique and valuable, whilst facilitating the development of professional networks. 

Becoming a volunteer displays attributes of motivation, resourcefulness and leadership to prospective employers. 

Join the Monash Peninsula Volunteering community to:

  • Immerse yourself in campus life
  • Gain purposeful and work-related experience
  • Develop personal and professional skills
  • Develop professional networks
  • Gain preparation skills for future leadership roles
  • Make heaps of new friends 
  • Be part of making change within the Monash Peninsula Campus and wider community
  • Enjoy rewards for your involvement

And most importantly, have fun! 


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Access Monash Foundations of Volunteering module

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