Ayush Kumar

First Year Officer


Studying: Bachelor of Business Administration

Hello to all of you! Ayush here; I moved to Melbourne in 2023 from the United Arab Emirates. My typical pastimes are strolling around different coffee shops, playing cricket, and visiting beaches. Bringing excitement to each and every first-year student on the Peninsula campus is my clear goal as the First Year Officer. Greeting new students, showing them around campus, and entertaining them with events is something I'm really excited to help with this year. I want everyone to feel at home here because the peninsula campus is smaller. My enthusiasm mirrors the sense of adventure that often accompanies the first year of university. Together, we can cultivate a welcoming and engaging atmosphere at Monash Peninsula that helps every first-year student feel truly at home.

Ayush Kumar

First Year Officer 2024

E: firstyear@monsupeninsula.org.au

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