You may be eligible to convert your fail grade so it doesn’t affect your WAM.

If you did not attend, attempt or submit your final assessment for a unit, (an exemption under exceptional circumstances may be considered) you may be eligible to apply for your failed grade to be converted to a Withdrawn Incomplete (WI) grade. 

Applications must be lodged no later than 10 university working days from the release of the relevant result. Students who are unable to complete a supplementary assessment can apply for a WI grade within 10 working days of the assessment date.

Acceptable reasons for a WI include: 

·      a serious and debilitating medical condition

·      severe mental health condition 

·      death of a person with whom you had a significant relationship 

·      obligations to emergency or military service or civic obligations

·      other extreme circumstances beyond your control, including a natural disaster or serious accident

Applications must provide evidence that the circumstances resulting in the failure to complete the unit assessment were beyond your control and either:

·      occurred after the start of the withdrawn fail period of the relevant teaching period, or

·      didn’t have full impact until after the start of the withdrawn fail period of the relevant teaching period, and the impact could not be predicted, or

·      prevented you from withdrawing from the unit before the withdrawn fail period

Acceptable forms of evidence include a death notice, records of hospital admission, police reports, notifications of obligations to emergency or military services or civic obligations, and an impact statement from a health professional as appropriate.

If you believe you may be eligible for a WI Grade contact Student Rights + Support to discuss your circumstances. A WI grade is not included in Unsatisfactory Progress or unit pass rate calculations and it does not affect your WAM or GPA. 

For further questions and advice: 

MONSU Student Rights + Support 
P: +61 3 9903 2596

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