The MONSU Peninsula Placement Relief Fund is designed to provide students with financial assistance for the costs associated with going on placement e.g. accommodation, transport, immunisations, living costs. MONSU Peninsula recognises that students who go on placement can often face additional barriers to study due to competing time priorities and increased financial commitments. Successful applications for the MONSU Peninsula Placement Relief Fund are awarded subject to availability of funds. Students are eligible to apply once per semester for a payment of $250, unless unexpected and extenuating circumstances apply.

  • Please fill out the details on the form for consideration for Placement Relief funding.
  • Check that you have read & agree with the eligibility terms & conditions before applying.
  • Please ensure that you have logged in to the MONSU Peninsula website.

How to apply

1.Complete all sections of the form

2.Provide the supporting documentation including proof of placement and all relevant receipts

3.You may be asked to provide additional evidence where required

4.Send your application to or bring your completed form to the MONSU Peninsula Desk, Monash Peninsula, Level 1, Building U


• Applicant must be enrolled as an Undergraduate student at Monash University Peninsula Campus.

• If a HECS HELP-liable student, have deferred in full their HELP loan payment.

• If the holder of a student visa, be able to demonstrate an unexpected change in financial circumstances since commencing the program of study.

• Be able to demonstrate financial need.

• Not be in receipt of a substantial scholarship, bursary or grant.

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