Social Officer 2

William Slade

Social Officer


Studying: Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Hi! I'm Will and I am excited to be partnered with Lakeisha this year to be your MONSU Social Officers for 2022.

As a second year physiotherapy student, I have a super keen interest health and particularly sport, with hopes of working in a Sporting environment in the future. I also am a big soccer fan (proper European football, not this awful A-league) and have been playing it all my life. 

Being a social officer in 2022 for me is more than just providing fun and interactive events throughout the year for students to enjoy. Although that is a big part, we have intentions to create a type of social university culture that this campus seems to be missing. We hope to help you create memories with your friends so that you look back at university as a journey that you enjoyed, rather than just a degree you obtained.

William Slade

Social Officer 2022