Census Date

Considering withdrawing from a unit or taking intermission?

Census Date is the last day you can withdraw from a unit and:

·       not have to pay fees or HECS HELP for the unit

·       not have withdrawn showing on your academic record for the unit

For semester one the Census Date is March 31 and for semester two the census date is August 31. 


Non-Standard Withdrawal Dates 
Some units have different withdrawal dates and deadlines. Always check with your faculty.

Underloading and Intermission

Domestic students

If your enrolment drops below 18 credit points per semester, you may not be eligible for government payments such as Youth Allowance, Austudy or public transport concessions. 

International students

You need to apply for approval to underload or take intermission (study leave) under these circumstances:

1. compassionate or compelling circumstances

  • illness or exceptional personal circumstances
  • course structure, progression rules or unit availability preventing a standard enrolment load 

2. implementation of an intervention strategy due to a risk of unsatisfactory academic progress.

How to apply

International students must submit an application to underload here.
Domestic students withdraw from units using WES.

International students must complete the online intermission request form.
International students must provide supporting documentation as part of the application.

Thinking of withdrawing from a unit after Census Date? 
If you find that after Census Date you are unable to pass a unit, there are academic advantages if you withdraw during the ‘withdrawn late’ period. Your mark will be recorded as a WDN and it will not be included in calculating your WAM or GPA. 


For further questions and advice: 

MONSU Student Rights + Support 

E: studentrights@monsu.org 

P: +61 3 9903 2596

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