Tessa Kent



Studyinig: Bachelor of Business Administration

(Marketing Communications)

Hi there!

My name is Tess (she/her) and I am absolutely thrilled to be your  president for 2022! I’m currently in third year studying a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing Communications).

As your president in 2022, I am so excited to continue reinvigorating your student experience at Peninsula as we return to a reactivated campus. From bigger and better live music, targeted welfare support and an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, Peninsula campus can expect nothing short of awesome in 2022. Further than that, we hope to reconnect Monash Peninsula with the wider Peninsula community, to connect our students to the wonderful opportunities the Mornington Peninsula can offer.

As a student who has spent the majority of their time studying online, I can completely empathise with anyone who is missing the campus experience. University is more than academia, and I hope that in 2022 you can find that community you’ve been missing within MONSU Peninsula.

You can find me on campus tucked away in Building U with an almond latte in hand, so don’t be afraid to say hi and have a chat!

Tessa Kent

MONSU Peninsula President 2022