What you can do if you believe your results are incorrect.

What can you do if you expected a higher mark?

Contact your teaching faculty as soon as results are released for instructions on how to get feedback. Check your assignment according to the generic feedback and request individual feedback if you need further clarification.

To view your exam paper, refer to your faculty exam viewing procedures. 

Please note: If you are overseas and are unable to view your exam paper, contact your teaching faculty.

How can you have your assessment remarked? 

Students may only apply for a remark due to a marking error. Firstly, you must look at the feedback.  If you believe there is a marking error contact your Chief Examiner to request a remark of your assessment. There are strict timeframes to apply for a remark. Click here for more information. 

If you believe there was an error in your marks due to how a university policy or procedure was applied to your marking process, you may lodge a Level 3 complaint here. 

What can you do if you fail a unit/s?

In some cases, if you fail a unit with a grade of 45 – 49, you may be eligible to complete a supplementary assessment. If eligible, the university will contact you on the day results are released. You have 5 days from the release of results to opt in for a supplementary assessment. You can read more here.

In some cases, you may be eligible to apply for Withdrawn Incomplete and a refund of fees or loan debt. For more information see our Withdrawn Incomplete and Refunds and Remission of Debt information here

What if you fail one or more units? 

You will be allocated an Academic Risk Level after the release of results each semester. Students who are allocated an Academic Risk Level 3 could be advised to attend an Academic Progress Committee hearing. 

Refer to our flyer on Academic Progress: Notice of Unsatisfactory Progress for more information.


For further questions and advice: 

MONSU Student Rights + Support 

E: studentrights@monsu.org 

P: +61 3 9903 2596




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