General Misconduct

What to do if you receive a letter regarding an investigation into a General Misconduct allegation.

Contact Student Rights + Support who can guide you through the process.

What is General Misconduct?
General misconduct is unacceptable behaviour that is likely to cause harm, injury or damage, such as:

  • threatening or causing physical or psychological harm
  • harassment, intimidation, stalking, bullying, hazing, vilification
  • non-consensual sexual contact 
  • damage to or interference with property of the University or of another person
  • breaching a law of a country in which the student is located for the purposes of a university activity
  • breaching a University statute, University regulation or a published policy or procedure of the University 
  • disrupting the orderly conduct of a University activity
  • engaging in dishonest or fraudulent activity
  • failing to comply with a reasonable direction of a member of staff, including a request made by a security officer to produce identification
  • possessing unauthorised material in an exam

Who can report General Misconduct to the university?
A staff member who has reasonable grounds to believe that a student has committed a misconduct offence, must report the matter to the Responsible Officer. In conduct of a sexual nature, the staff member cannot make a report unless they have the consent of the person whom the misconduct was directed towards.

A student can report the misconduct to a staff member. In conduct of a sexual nature, a student can also report the matter to Safer Communities and the student will be informed of their options.

What happens if Monash University considers that a student may have engaged in General Misconduct?
As part of the investigation into the matter,  the University will send you a letter outlining the suspected breach or allegations. You will be asked to fill in the response form and/or attend a meeting.

Contact Student Rights + Support as soon as you receive this letter.

For further questions and advice: 

MONSU Student Rights + Support 
P: +61 3 9903 2596


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