Compulsory Training Sessions for Committee Members

Committee members are required to attend a training session.  At training the requirements of the position will be explained, you will be given information about how to meet these requirements and provided with resources to assist you.

Club Officials Training (In person)

  • Will be held at the start of every year. If you cannot attend this session, you will need to arrange a make-up session.
  • Mid year Training for Club officials will be held in Week 2 & 3 of Semester Two.

Online Compolsury Training

Additional Training

Certificate Courses

Clubs and Societies often hold events that involve the provision of food and alcohol. In order to be aware of your legal obligations and meet the duty of care to your members, we recommend that at least one member of your committee have the following qualifications.

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate
  • Food Safety Handler Level 1 Certificate (FSH1)

These Certificates are recognised by the hospitality industry and are required if you want to work at a venue that serves food and alcohol, so they can help you get a job too! MONSU will offer these courses if there is enough demand.

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