Academic Misconduct

What should you do if you receive an Academic Misconduct allegation?

Contact Student Rights + Support. We provide independent advice and support throughout the entire process.

Academic Integrity
It is expected that students will act with academic integrity in pursuit of scholarly achievement. That is, students will act with honesty, fairness and respect.

Academic Misconduct
This occurs when a student has breached academic integrity regulations and the breach is determined to be more than minor. 

Types of Academic Misconduct include:

Plagiarism is when you use another person’s work or ideas and pass them off as your own by failing to give appropriate acknowledgement. 

Self-plagiarism is copying parts or all of your own past assignments and resubmitting them. 

Collusion is unauthorised collaboration on assessable written, oral or practical work with another person or persons.

Contract Cheating
This occurs when you engage another person or organisation to complete parts or all of your assessment task usually for financial or other type of payment.

A breach can also occur if you complete an assessment task for another student directly or via a third-party service.

Fraud happens when you submit false information relating to an assessment such as a forged medical certificate for special consideration or forged signature of a placement supervisor.

Unauthorised distribution of course-related materials
This is when you breach copyright by sharing, selling, or giving course material produced by Monash to another person or organisation outside of Monash. 

When you share, sell or give course-related material produced by yourself or other students without the permission of the Chief Examiner, this is a form of unauthorised distribution.

Exam Misconduct
This is when you cheat or attempt to cheat in an exam and includes the use of unauthorised material.

Unauthorised Use of AI
This is when you use an Artificial Intelligence tool without permission.

What will happen if there is a concern about the Academic Integrity of my work??
When there is a suspected breach of the Student Academic Integrity Policy you will be informed about the suspected conduct and asked to respond. 

What if I made an honest mistake?
If it’s found that your conduct was minor, the Chief Examiner will decide on a course of action. 

This can include: 

  • loss of marks allocated for incorrect referencing 
  • the examiner will mark the work and disregard the plagiarised material 
  • the student may be required to resubmit the work in whole or in part

The outcome will be communicated in writing and you may be required to participate in additional academic skills development. 

A warning will be recorded for 7 years on the University Academic Integrity Register to indicate that you have been counselled and educated about academic integrity rules. The warning will not be recorded on your student file or testamur.

What if the breach was intentional?
If the Chief Examiner determines that the breach was intentional or reckless they report the matter to the Responsible Officer. The matter is then considered with reference to Monash University (Council) Regulations Part 7 - Student Discipline. 

For further questions and advice: 

MONSU Student Rights + Support 
P: +61 3 9903 2596

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