Welfare Officer 2

Hannah Croft



Studying: Bachelor of Education

I’m Hannah, and I’m an education student who is also a massive musical theatre nerd!

I’m so excited to be sharing the role of Welfare officer this year. After holding a general position on MONSU last year, I cannot wait to bring even more excitement and more incredible vibes to campus. I’m so passionate about creating a safe and welfare focused university and campus space, so myself and Anne are going to be spending our time bringing amazing initiatives, events, and awareness that will help support every single student at Monash peninsula.

Mental health and disability support specifically are things I really care about, and as someone with numerous mental health issues and several chronic illnesses, I am keen to create some representation, awareness, and acceptance of all these issues.

Hannah Croft

Welfare Officer 2022

E: welfare@monsupeninsula.org.au