General Officer (Student Engagement)

Vanessa Tucek

General Officer - Student Engagement


Studying: Bachelor of Business Administration

Hello, I’m Vanessa and my pronouns are she/her. I am a third year Business Administration student and will be one of your General Officers (Student Engagement) for 2022!

I’m super excited to connect with fellow students, gather insights and feedback to help further shape the peninsula campus into one that benefits everyone. I’m hoping to gain a deeper understanding on what students really want and will work hard in bringing that to you.  I am always interested in what everyone has to say. Is there something you really want implemented? Or is there something you wished could be improved? Well, I’m here to listen, please reach out to me!

Friendships, memories and events are all meaningful parts of University life. That’s why I want to ensure that everyone experiences everything there is to, at Peninsula campus. I'm hoping to encourage collaboration and engagement with students from all faculties, to create an active and vibrant community at Peninsula! 

I’m really looking forward to the new opportunities and friendships 2022 will bring!


Vanessa Tucek

General Officer - Student Engagement 2022