Sally Wong

Social Officer


Studying: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy - 3rd Year

Hello, I'm Sally, your Social Officer at MONSU for 2024. My primary goal is to foster a vibrant and inclusive campus community, where every student feels connected and engaged. I am dedicated to organizing events that not only entertain but also create meaningful connections among our diverse student body.

In the coming year, I aim to curate a dynamic calendar of social activities that cater to a wide range of interests and backgrounds. From themed parties and cultural celebrations to educational workshops and collaborative projects, my focus is on enhancing the overall student experience.

I'm excited to champion initiatives that promote unity and understanding among students. Through collaborative efforts with other student unions, clubs, and organizations, I hope to create opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and dialogue. Additionally, I will actively seek feedback from the student body to ensure that our events align with their preferences and contribute positively to campus life.

My vision for MONSU is to be a hub of positivity, creativity, and friendship. Let's make this school year memorable by fostering connections, embracing diversity, and creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and celebrated. Together, let's make MONSU a place where students not only study but also thrive socially and emotionally.

Sally Wong

Social Officer 2024


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