Education Officer 1

Pansy Oi Yeung Chan

Education Officer


Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Hey everyone! My name is Connor and I am proud to be your elected education officer with Kris for MONSU Peninsula in 2022 with Evolve.

I am currently a year 2 occupational therapy student and am focused on ensuring a better student experience and to be a strong advocate for those at Monash Peninsula.

As international students studying under the COVID pandemic, we faced different challenges this year, including difficulty in education via zoom for both teacher and student, also finding support from off-shore students, disengagement of peninsula campus.

In order to create a better learning environment in Monash Peninsula for students, we will focus on encouraging the connection between both on and offshore students and Monash, also hope that we can increase student awareness in the availability of educational support.

Pansy Oi Yeung Chan

Education Officer 2022