Education Officer 1

Connor Oi Yeung Chan

Education Officer


Studying: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Hello Everyone! My name is Connor and my pronouns are she/her. I am proud to be one of your Education officers for MONSU Peninsula in 2023. I am currently in the third year of occupational therapy. As education is the main reason why we go to university, so I think it is a crucial part. For this year, we will hope to keep the focus on the APC hearing, as I acknowledge that not many students know about the APC hearing. We will hope to raise awareness of the presence of APC hearings. 

In Monash Peninsula campus, placement is the major assessment in passing a unit in most of the degree. In order to create a better placement experience for students, we will focus on creating more connections between students and the schools to achieve the hurdle requirements for placements together. Also, we hope to increase student awareness in the availability of educational support to maintain academic integrity. 

Connor Oi Yeung Chan

Education Officer 2023