Occupational Therapy, Society of (SOOT)

About us

Welcome to SOOT! We are the official club for Occupational Therapy students to help you find new mates and get the best out of your year.

We run events both on and off campus, and we would love to get to know you! 

As OT students we have a wonderful opportunity to make connections with people that we will see around for years to come. 

That being said, all students are welcome, you don't have to be studying OT to join us!

Help us spread the word about the importance of Occupational Therapists.


President: Lily Bowen

E: occupationaltherapysociety@monsupeninsula.org.au

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Please note that memberships bought at any time in 2024 will only last until the end of 2024. Memberships will need to be renewed annually.

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