Grading & Results Update for Semester 2

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Have you heard about some of the recent changes regarding grading and results? MONSU Peninsula recognises the issues associated with the recent update from Monash in regard to grading and results for semester 2.

Some of these major changes:

  • You can no longer choose to exclude the results of all passed units in the teaching period from your Grade Point Average (GPA) and Weighted Average Mark (WAM), by opting into Satisfied Faculty Requirements (SFR) and/or withdrawing from passed unit/s after results are released.


  • If you receive a mark between 40 and 44, you’ll no longer be offered a supplementary assessment. You'll only be offered a supplementary assessment for marks between 45 and 49 (some exceptions apply).


  • If you receive a zero mark as an academic misconduct penalty for a major assessment worth 20% or more, you won’t be eligible for a supplementary assessment.

Click here for a statement outlining MONSU Peninsula's stance on the matter from MONSU Peninsula's President, Alice Peddle.

HAVE YOUR SAY: How did the previous flexibility of opting to include 'SFR' (satisfied faculty requirements) for units on your transcript benefit you? Tell us why you think it should return. Let us know in the comments below.


Jiahua Liu
5:56pm on 20 Aug 21 There is a problem with the SFR arrangement, you have to convert all of your units at the same time. When you have two D and one P, you have to convert all of them, Which is not useful at all.
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