Man Wai Lee

General Officer 3


Studying: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Hey everyone! I am Bosco (he/him) and I am so excited to be elected as General Officer 3 - Student Engagement for MONSU Peninsula in 2023.

I am currently a 4th year Occupational Therapy student and am focused on ensuring a better student experience and to be a strong advocate for those at Monash Peninsula. As an international student, I understand that studying overseas may be overwhelming and frustrating, especially during a pandemic. But that’s okay and totally understandable! Noticing students are having lack of community connections and awareness of support services, as your Student Engagement Officer, I will actively collect student’s needs and feedback, to voice out for all fellow students at Peninsula.

We aim to continue building a supportive community and environment at Monash Peninsula which fosters diversity and inclusion for all students on campus. Also, to invigorate MONSU Peninsula’s community connections so students can benefit further from the wider Mornington Peninsula as well as Monash run services. Furthermore, enhance and tailor our offerings to increase student engagement, ensuring SSAF is targeted and supportive for all students. 

We will deliver fresh new ideas, brought to you by a fresh new team. I’m proud to be a part of MONSU Peninsula, as a team that will always work hard for Peninsula students.

Man Wai Lee

General Officer 3 2023