This could be you!

Queer Officer 2024 Position Available

Role: To represent the issues of and provide support to LGBTIQ+ students of the Peninsula campus. 

What's the deal?:

  • Work in conjunction with the MONSU crew to organise major yearly events such as IDAHOBIT, National Coming Out Day 

  • Be responsible for the promotion of issues, rights and equal treatment affecting all areas of gender and sexuality by providing information, resources, support, referral, and advocacy 

  • Provide and facilitate communication between LGBTIQ students and support networks and supply students with helpful information in a non-intimidating manner 

  • Ensure support within the student council on issues relating to male, female, and gender/sexuality diverse students 

  • Bring a non-judgmental perspective to all areas of university life and progress equality in education through increasing awareness 

  • Attend Monash University meetings on behalf of MONSU Peninsula when required 

  • Meet/connect regularly with Monash Diversity & Inclusion department to discuss student rights and facilitate assistance in their endeavours 

This is a great opportunity for you to join the 2024 MONSU Student Council & make your mark on the Monash Peninsula campus experience.